It seems to me, as a society and culture that we’ve drifted away from the values and principles that formed this great country.

And, while no construct managed by men and women will ever be perfect, American’s enjoy more freedom, prosperity, choice, and opportunity than any other society across this planet and throughout history.

But, many within our society have failed to engage productively in the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. In fact, it’s no surprise to me that as the American education system has trended down a steady decline in global competiveness (and as intellect has slowly become undervalued socially), the general awareness of and duty to understand the rights granted by the Constitution and in some cases declared by the Constitution as rights granted from God has all but disappeared.

So, I’m asking each American to read the Constitution as a basic duty required by your very citizenship and participation in society. I’d suggest for those seeking a greater understanding of the forming of these United States to read: The Constitution of the United States of America and Selected Writings of the Founding Fathers.

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  1. Andrew Sall

    I agree completely. I think our biggest enemy is complacency. Everyone enjoys the freedoms, but they stop there. People never think about what it took to secure our freedoms, and they never think about what it takes to preserve and defend them.

    What I most enjoy about Krav, is spending time in the pre-dawn hours with like minded individuals who understand liberty and what it takes to defend it. People who take charge of their lives, and refuse to be victims. This gives me the faith that there are others like me out there; and gives me the strength to deal with all the idiots, and the entitled “posers” to get through my day.