There’s no dream too big; nothing is out of reach.

I’d like to wish a Happy 4th of July (just a bit after the fact) to you and your loved ones. This time of year always stirs a sense of patriotism in me.

When I ponder the immense risk and sacrifice our founding fathers willingly accepted to form this great nation, I stop in utter amazement. Today, we as a society are too often in awe of Apple, Uber, and Tesla – all small, insignificant undertakings when compared to the audacity required to defy the world’s super power and start a new sovereign nation! Just think of what a big idea this was – particularly back in the late 1700s. It’s almost unimaginable.

We, as citizens of these United States, are all the rich benefactors of generations of Americans who boot strapped, bartered, and belted their way to become an industrial and more recently a digital giant. I swell with pride at the way our collective ancestors worked and struggled to make this country great. I further swell with a deep sense of satisfaction at the way the citizens of this country – far more than any others – have come together to ensure each citizen has shot (not a guarantee) at the American dream. Today, as it has always been, hard work, education, a willingness to confront and overcome adversity, and an on-time, can-do attitude can take you virtually anywhere in this country. There are simply too many people who have done just that to dispute the fact.

It’s also this time of year when I recognize that my goals and aspirations are likely undersized. And, while I never want to pursue a goal that demands more of me than my ethos can offer, I try to remember the words of several wise men who have said the same sort of thing to me over the years. That is…be happy, stay hungry. In this ideal, I find there’s more to do. And, if you find yourself blessed with a team who can help you reach for bigger goals, (as I do) go for it. And remember, your goals – no matter how big – pale in comparison to the reason we celebrate the 4th of July. There is no such thing as too big!

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