Effective skill-building drills, if done properly, translate into stronger Krav Maga defenses.

Most students understandably have a fear of being punched. I notice this issue can be a harmful personal filter in their approach to training and self defense, so I developed the 10-step efficient defense drill as a means of develop a basic skill set around defending punches.

Keep in mind, this is a drill, and the goal is to develop confidence in students – specifically around defending punches (although the confidence will be more pervasive).

In the video below, I’m illustrating the drill and explaining the various movements contained in the drill. Enjoy!

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  1. George Mowod

    Great drill and great self-defense application – thank you. Could you actually demonstrate the drill at each level, from dry (not as important), then with a partner – both with the 10 defenses and then the 3 defenses with the counter attacks?

  2. David Ruiz

    Please demo the drill.