The concepts of rooting down through the feet and folding in at the low ribs, as applied to fighting stance and control position in this case, is powerful yet can be elusive to many.

In full disclosure, these concepts traditionally require substantive practice – an idea that in some respects is not congruent with Krav Maga. However, the effort put into better understanding how to create strength through structure yields benefits beyond the specific concepts of rooting and folding – often in a very short period of time.

In the video below, I illustrate these concepts in fighting stance and in control position. It’s likely best to capture the ideas presented and make note of the resulting action to have two points of reference in trying to root and fold (i.e. capture the subtle movements that create the desired effect AND the resulting movement that acts as an positive indicator). A third point of reference can also be sought by asking for feedback from your training partner.

Lastly, don’t allow these concepts to cause you to stumble. Try, rework, think, play, experiment, but avoid negativity. There’s benefit in the process.

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  1. Andrew Sall

    This is something I am struggling with at the moment. After a slip or a bob, I am finding my weight on the outside of my foot. I can tell that I am not “rooted down”. As a result, my counter is weak. This helps a lot.

    Dig those red shoes!