Calling All 9mm Enthusiasts, Check Out the New Walther Q5 Match Pistol

I recently had the opportunity to test shoot Walther’s relatively new Q5 Match Pistol and despite my initial, moderate expectations, the pistol was pointable, highly accurate in 50 and 100 yard testing, reliable during rapid fire bursts, well-balanced, and sported a relatively smooth, quick reset, 5.6 pound trigger.

The front fiber optic sight is highly visible (almost glowing in the sunlight), while the rear sight is adjustable for competitive shooters. The Q5 pistol offers a Picatinny rail for added furniture – light or laser. The grip has been designed with ergonomics in mind, and I found the largest of the three interchangeable back-straps to fit nicely inside my hands..

While Walther touts the Q5 as a viable match pistol, sporting a 5 inch barrel and a 15 round magazine, chamber in 9mm, the profile, total length (8.1 inches), and all-around build also make this pistol a viable carry gun for larger than average people. For match shooters, the optical mounting platform is compatible with Trijicon, Leupold, and Doctor optics (with other platforms compatible with additional optics provided as part of your purchase).

The Q5 also comes coated with a Tenifer coating – a protective coat that resists corrosion in a matte finish. The ambidextrous slide stop and magazine release aid in operation during a change of hands or in the general flexibility of the firearm operation. While I might prefer a slightly smaller magazine release for high stress shooting and wonder about the 26 once weight of the Q5, I can report with confidence that this new Walther was easy to maneuver, accurate, and reliable through testing.

While I haven’t run 1,000 rounds or more through the new Q5, my experience with the pistol was vey positive, and I’d grade the pistol an “A minus” overall. If you’re looking for a new race gun or prefer a large 9mm offering, I’d check out the Walther Q5 Match Pistol.

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