Interestingly, as social norms become broader, less structured, even ethereal and highly subjective, this little book does much to restore and remind the reader that there are universal, immutable truths by which to live.

Admiral William McRaven does a solid job of condensing his hard-won lessons learned throughout his Naval career, including his service as a Navy Seal, with an extrapolation of a commencement speech given to the University of Texas graduates in May of 2014.

In this easy to read and digest little book, Admiral McRaven outlines 10 principles for overcoming life’s challenges and obstacles – lessons McRaven claims can not only make the reader’s life better but can also change the world. If you need a reminder of the most basic and important lessons in life (such as, life isn’t fair so drive on, or stand up to bullies, and never quit) this book is just the ticket.

Read, Make Your Bed…you’ll be reminded of the most basic and important ideals in living life and facing its many challenges.

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