Open Carry in Texas – Balance Your Rights with Discretion

Here we go Texas! The open carry law is on the books and in effect in Texas, as of January 1, 2016. And, while I support the law, as a means of continuing to solidify and express the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, I’m here to tell you that open carry (with a few exceptions) is a poor tactical approach to your personal safety. The value of the element of surprise in tactical conflicts cannot be over-stated. A violent criminal and/or terrorist seeking to do you harm is at a disadvantage if that bad-guy has no knowledge of your being armed with a pistol. This is, by the way, why gun-free zones are so popular with violent criminals and terrorists.

While I’m not a Texan by birth, I did “get here as fast as I could”, as the popular bumper sticker reads. And, I’m proud to live in a state that fully recognizes the rights granted to U.S. citizens and continues to develop freedoms for its own citizens. But, I’ve talked with a few very accomplished folks in the law enforcement community for years now, and it’s unanimous – literally no one thinks open carry is your best tactical approach for self-defense.

So, demand your government preserve and expand your rights as a citizen at every level – federal, state, and local. But, use caution and be thoughtful about how you exercise those rights. That’s what a patriot does. That’s what we should all aim to do.

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  1. Hunter

    I fully agree. I see open carry as a way to not have to worry about brandishing when I conceal. Most people aren’t looking for a gun on me but being able to carry without having to work so hard to be comfortable and concealed makes things a lot easier. I will more than likely never open carry in public. But the idea to be able to do so and the ease at mind from not having to worry about brandishing does make the law worth it.
    Carrying openly does make it easier for criminals to recognize threats though so everyone should keep that in mind