Read and Learn About One of the Most Effective Intelligence Machines in History.

Mossad is an action-packed account of fascinating and dangerous intelligence operations carried out by Israel’s legendary intelligence service.

In the fight against terrorism, the Mossad has been capturing and eliminating scores of major terrorists operating in their strongholds throughout the Middle East and beyond. This book offers a sneak peak into the apparatus of this highly secretive agency and highlights some of their most daring missions—both success and failures.

I read this book soon after its release in 2012. I recently had the occasion to reference it again, and in re-reading the introduction, I realized that the authors had predicted events that had not yet unfolded in the wake of the Arab Spring.

This quick read is both informative, educational, and highly relevant. For even those who closely follow the news are not privy to the behind the scenes events that lead to the headlines. And as the introduction says, “more so than ever before, Mossad’s intelligence gathering and operations affect American security abroad and at home.”

This book is well worth your time.

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