If you haven’t checked out the MIND BODY FUEL (MBF) Facebook page, now is the time.

Developing a “fat-adapted” cellular capacity through the nutritional plan delivered through MBF is one of the five best things I’ve ever done for myself. The benefits are astounding and numerous. Best of all, the MBF coaching support will launch in less than two weeks – compliments of Chef Alvin Schultz and led by yours truly.

Check out some of the benefits of the MBF lifestyle and community.

  1. Longevity: In our “get it now” world, we often overlook the long-term benefits of good decisions. Perhaps the most powerful and valuable effect of eating MIND BODY FUEL for prolonged periods is the high potential for substantial increase in quality of life and corresponding longevity. Returning to your body’s factory setting is the most promising way to increase longevity and slow the aging process of your cells. It true!
  2. Optimal Body Composition: Ok. We get it. You want to look good today while you’re working on your longevity and cellular efficiency. Our average client weight loss is just over 15 pounds in the first three weeks on our Primal Ignition three-week starter plan. You’ll lose weight, feel great with boundless energy, and experience mental clarity like never before!
  3. Coaching: Understanding and creating awareness as to why we make damaging food choices creates the opportunity to make different choices and thrive! Our bi-monthly, online coaching sessions with the MIND BODY FUEL community provide a foundation of support with a hint of challenge to boost your self-management skills and create the space for powerful change in your life! This is the key to your transformation! The time is now!
  4. Tapping your Factory Setting: We were all born with a miraculous capacity to consume fat and create energy from stored fat. But, we quickly ruin that capacity with huge doses of carbohydrates that effectively shut down the cellular function that facilitates the “fat to fuel” process. Instead, we store excess calories – especially carbohydrates – as fat that just sits in our body and accumulates. This gives rise to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. No thanks. I’ll take the MIND BODY FUEL route!
  5. Mental Clarity: This is one of the most powerful and surprising benefits of eating MIND BODY FUEL. Few clients, when initially starting, even believe this is a result of eating MIND BODY FUEL. The other benefits are typically more than enough to move our clients to get started. After 2-3 weeks, someone on staff has “the conversation” – where a client calls to report that he/she can’t believe the massive shift in mental clarity (admitting that he/she thought that this benefit was pure bluster). It’s not. Eat MIND BODY FUEL, and you’ll reap the rewards!
  6. Boundless Energy: When your body makes the transition into a fat-burning, fuel-making, energy-rich, power plant, you won’t need to constantly seek food for fuel. Instead, your body’s fat stores will provide the energy you need to power your day. And, MIND BODY FUEL is the straight line you need to make the transition. Join us today!
  7. Simplicity: With MIND BODY FUEL, all the guesswork, grocery shopping, running around, and food prep is eliminated. Instead, you save huge amounts of time, hassle, and resources, AND you simply eat what’s in the MIND BODY FUEL box. Our mantra has become, “Eat the Box; reap the rewards!” The food is delicious, nutrient dense, and prepared specifically for your transformation with a huge does of convenience thrown into the process. Think about it – that’s huge! Plate the MIND BODY FUEL food for a candle light dinner or grab the MBF box and go for a quick lunch. Simplicity meets flexibility!
  8. Turbo Charged Immune System: As you return your body to its factory setting, you’ll also notice a boost in your immune system. Most clients report they are sick less often. And, not to get too technical but… over-consuming carbohydrates eventually produce Insulin resistance. Insulin resistance occurs when muscle and liver cells become desensitized to insulin’s storage signals – due to excess production. This condition promotes obesity, accelerated aging, sleep deprivation, and Type 2 diabetes. The net result of the average American diet has become an epidemic of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Eat MIND BODY FUEL and escape this devastating pattern while your immune system is energized.
  9. Accelerated Weight Loss: There it is. Weight loss. When we think of weight loss, we think of shape. But what about the favor you’re doing for your ankles, knees, hips, and joints in general. Eating MIND BODY FUEL also reduces swelling in the body produced by excess carbohydrate intake. Yes, weight loss is a primary metric that drives our success, but think of all benefits as you make the choice to join the MIND BODY FUEL community!
  10. Community: Our growing community offers the opportunity to connect with like-minded, goal-oriented people just like you! The power of community simply cannot be overstated, so join in and join us in the MIND BODY FUEL community.

Check out MIND BODY FUEL @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/585160295216497/

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