The Best Holster Money Can Buy Isn’t Overpriced and Worth the 12 Week Wait

I was set to race across an expanse of flat, dry ground made up primarily of what looked like red clay before I would stop at a wide and tall post that would provide ample cover to engage the first set of multiple targets in a course that ran for nearly 75 yards and would require two full magazines.

My partner and I would run this course to perfection and stomp the living daylights out of our competition; I was sure of it. I stood ready with my Glock chambered in .357 Sig tucked neatly inside my kydex speed holster. It was “GO” time.

The whistle sounded and we were off like a shot. But, it wasn’t 5 yards into the sprint before I felt my Glock come loose. I noticed the pistol drifting in mid-air beside me as I ran. The rest of the story isn’t worth repeating. Needless to say, my Glock landed on that dry red clay and slowed my efforts substantially.

It’s worth noting that equipment which seemingly plays a minor or supporting role in your tactical gear is often the difference between success and failure. With that in mind, I’m fully endorsing Milt Sparks holsters. I’ve bought and utilized these holsters for years now – most recently in the summer of 2016 for a Browning Hi-Power from Nighthawk (I’ll review this handgun in the coming weeks).

Milt Sparks holsters are developed around a leather mold and provide the very best retention, fit & finish, and durability. As a carry model, you simply cannot go wrong with either IWB or outside models. I have four holsters from Milt Sparks, and although they were purchased over the period of several years, the quality is identical and utterly superior.

If you carry, do yourself a favor – order a Milt Sparks holster.

Once it arrives, don’t send me ‘thank you notes’ – you’re welcome…

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  1. Simon Atkinson


    Which Milt Sparks Holster models and material would you recommend for a P226 Legion SAO and a Glock 17.


  2. CJK

    Check out the 55BN for the Sig, maybe the Glock…I’d suggest a straight draw or if you must, an FBI style cant. You’ll love it…