Learn New Krav Maga Defenses Faster by Leveraging Movement

When students begin to look at the Krav Maga system as a family tree of techniques that share similar movements, they dramatically shrink the perceived size of the entire system – giving them access to new techniques much more quickly by referencing similar motor skills/movements already developed in prior training.

This not only familiarizes the new defenses being introduced but also provides mental support in immediately connecting with the new defense. Leaning seems easier, and it is.

In the video below, shot impromptu, I’m explaining to some students about the similarities of the handgun front (about 12 inches from the chest) and straight stab with hands down defenses. The movement the defending arm makes, the line of fire (handgun) / initial channel of attack (straight stab), the body defense, and the entry are all very similar.

By learning one of these techniques, we can leverage the movements to accelerate performance with the other technique. This process can and should be repeated across the entire Krav Maga system. Check out the video below.

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