Knowing specifically how a knife works can aid in your Krav Maga knife defenses

I often illustrate the immense differences between handguns and knives to invoke more critical and serious thinking in my students during knife defenses training. Krav Maga is a tool, and very effective one when utilized properly. And, part of utilizing Krav Maga is better understanding the danger each knife attack poses.

For edged weapons, and more specifically knives, it’s vitally important to understand that the design and shape of the blade play a substantial role in how the blade is best utilized in self-defense. I strongly prefer a tip down, blade forward grip on my knife. While I give up a few inches of reach, I gain significant concealment options, and arguably, the most powerful stabbing motion (like a hammerfist) available to me with common folding knives.

However, I can also make punching combinations without an issue, whereas a tip up, blade forward or slashing grip can pose substantial danger to the puncher. And, finally, my preferred grip allows me to effectively manage the blade during knife retention techniques. But, I digress.

The knife’s magic is seen in a quick demonstration I show my newly minted advanced students to make a specific point to each of them. That is, the knife must move to be effective – and move it will. This simply illustration nails it.

Instructors, if you’re going to try this. Give yourself plenty of free space. In fact, don’t try this.

Disclaimer – don’t do this. Just show your students the video below.

…walk in peace (and carry a sharp knife)

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