Although HEAT training is initiated with stance and full handgun presentation, we dive into issues like weapon retention, and we spend a good deal of time working these issues for consistent outcomes. Much later in our training, we begin to develop a skill set around “fighting to our handgun” that most students find exciting and fun to learn.

In this process, I utilize the Krav Maga system as a source proxy for a list of attacks with which to address and develop tactical responses. In the video provided, you’ll see me explain this concept utilizing a defense against a choke from both sides with a handgun deployed.

Keep in mind, defenses are made with an inert (not live) training gun – in this case, a SIRT handgun.

I hope this video get’s you thinking, and if you’d like, contact James Newman at 713-526-2500 to reserve a spot in our next HEAT Training class.

Be safe, and walk in peace…

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