If you’re ready to begin with a blade in your fighting stance, as a Kravologist, you’ll need to incorporate the foundational elements of the fighting stance into the subtle shift needed to blade properly.

In the video below, I illustrate the most essential concepts to get you there. Check it out!

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  1. Jay Coulter

    Looking for a place to train in Nampa, Idaho. I have a cousin who trains in Texas, but warned me that some of the Krav Maga gyms/ studios/ (not sure what to call them) teach differently? Of coarse he encouraged me to find one that follows the same line that you guys do. I’m not sure I understand the difference to make an educated decision. Any info on reputable places in the area would be appreciated. Also any info on the differences in Krav Maga itself ie one gym vs another.

    • Check the Krav Maga Worldwide “locations” tab for the association I’m affiliated with…