The Risk Perception Gap Between Reality and Perception is Growing, Making Regular People Fear with Fantastic Stupidity.

In his book, How Risky Is It, Really?, Author David Ropeik illustrates just how wrong we all have it when it comes to risk and our fear.

In a straightforward, accessible, and logical manner, Ropeik lays out his case – that we are all diluted and functioning just under the “sky is falling” paradigm. The narratives and risk response self-quizzes make this book both engaging and highly informative for nearly all readers. The words “risk perception” take on new meaning as the author deftly points out we’re all worried about the wrong things and not nearly worried enough about the right things.

I continue to argue that fear can create the bars of a prison of your own making. Getting an informed perspective on risk and fear should be a priority if you live in fear or feel limited by it. And, Ropeik is the author to walk you though it all.

I highly recommend this read.

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