Chief Kirk has launched a coaching certification for the Krav Maga Houston instructor cadre. Here’s what he told me:

Coaching (or life coaching) has grown over the past 10 years to be a successful form of talk therapy. And while coaching is not traditional therapy, nor is a coach a traditional therapist – coaching is a therapeutic form of conversation where powerful questions allow clients to discover and connect with the motivations and limitations being produced by their personal “operating system”. These discoveries often lead the clients to more powerful and alternative ways of approaching their goals (and often shift goals based upon the discoveries uncovered).

Put simply, a coach is a person that facilitates the empowering of others by supporting them in developing, meeting, or exceeding either personal or professional goals.

Chief Kirk’s Certification, Conquer Culture Coaching, is a specific coaching process derived from two decades of instruction, personal searching, coaching, and reflection. Conquer Culture is focused on the discovery of:

  • The Warrior Self,
  • A personal Warrior Ethos, and
  • Daily practices that support these important perspectives.

We will be exploring:

  • The 5 Domains (Physical. Mental, Emotional, Intuitive, & Spirit),
  • The Power P’s (Potential, Passion, Principles & Purpose), and will
  • Develop a personal Warrior Ethos.

We will also learn to listen carefully, form powerful questions, and offer equal parts support and challenge to facilitate our clients’ shift towards living more meaningful lives.

This coaching process will take place over the course of 12 months, and it’s coming to a class near you soon!

This is just another way for the Krav Maga Houston instructor cadre to support our community, and I’m proud to play my part.

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