I thought I’d share a quick fix to a pervasive problem that seems to sneak, at one time or another, into the majority of my student’s handgun from the front defenses. There are, actually, three problems this drill can fix in less than 2 minutes – if your students are “switched on” and hungry to learn.

Both issues occur during redirection, and these issues obviously have the potential to be a huge problem. Redirection is to handgun defense what the ace of spades is to poker. Unlike other techniques (take choke from the front, two-hand pluck) the issue of redirection follows the defender throughout the handgun defense.

Think of the handgun principles and the corresponding acronym, RCAT – that is, Redirect, Control, Attack, and Take the weapon. To be precise, the letters C, A, and T should all be to the power of R. For instance, consider the C in RCAT. The C stands for Control, but specifically, the C should stand for Control while Redirecting.

The point is…redirecting the weapon is a vitally important issue if your goal is to remain watertight. And, our first opportunity to redirect during a handgun to the front defense is the initiating movement with the hand (as in, moving with the hands, then the body, and lastly the feet).

Thee three most common issues during initial redirection I see are:

  1. Sneaking (with the hand)
  2. Telegraphing (with the shoulder)
  3. Rounding (with the hand)

Now, the simple two minute drill presented in the video will fix these issues and make redirection much more effective. Check it out.

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  1. Edwin Diaz

    Great video. Thank you.