Use this easy movement to mitigate risks and land your bear hug defense groin strike.

In the video below, I explain the initial motion to best address the risks associated with missing a groin strike during a fast-closing bear hug.

The essence of the concept is to mitigate known risks by utilizing movement that can work whether the initial hand movement is early or late.

By joining the thumbs, for example and as a marker of sorts, and allowing the fingers to then come together as the hands travel forward, defenders achieve two key tactics, (1) the defender makes the probability of an initial groin strike much higher, and (2) the hands are in a position to role from the meeting of the thumbs, then fingers, and then the palms/inside of the wrist in moving from striking to bracing the attackers hips during the bear hug defense.

The video below focuses on developing the movement that increases the probability of a groin strike, but the movement is also invaluable in developing into a strong, effective brace at the attackers hips. Try it; you’ll like the results!

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