If you have been reading several of the subsequent articles I’ve written about transforming your life into your own unique and authentic warrior’s walk, this article will go a long way in supporting your effort.

To become a warrior in the service of the “sacred things”, it is imperative to first develop what I would call a “steady state.” That is, to develop a baseline quality of being that better supports the deep work necessary to discover and understand your “sacred things”.

In prior articles, I have offered two concepts that are of utmost importance in your walk as a warrior that come into play here. These concepts are:

(1) Freedom through the service of your “sacred things”, and

(2) Service as a path to making meaning and deep satisfaction.

In short, we must realize that we all serve and worship something. Perhaps, you worship power, money, sex, or influence. Maybe you worship an idea, a concept, a political ideal, a method of thinking, or a group. All of these idols are more powerful and more insidious than you might realize.

Because we all make meaning by serving and worshiping something, we must be very careful in what, who, and why you serve. Locked inside many people who serve these “false idols” are significant emotional shadows left from profoundly negative experiences that have created a powerful influence (I call it “bad code”) impacting perspective and perspective taking.

These shadows that are locked inside (or “hard wired” from a young age and/or significant experience) take on a powerful mental, emotional, and spiritual gravity around which perspective and worldview orbit. In this orbit, we all struggle, because this elliptical is simply not the path we were meant to travel or why we were created. We are out of alignment, living in a stream of never ending confusion. Confusion is the enemy of the warrior. Warriors seek clarity. Clarity sparks decisiveness, action, and confidence.

Instead, however, we have lost our capacity to choose, and we have mistakenly discarded our unique purpose in an attempt to “just get by”. But, I can assure you, you were not created to narrowly avert tragedy and wallow through multiple bouts of depression and anxiety on your way to the grave. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Instead, you were created for a purpose that is by definition “unique to you.” In this way, your purpose is found both in the way you were uniquely made and in how you choose to “activate” your purpose in serving and making meaning in this life (this means you must use your free will, absent of the polluted influences that have become “bad code” and outside the gravity of your emotional shadows to freely and willingly choose what and how you will serve).

In doing the hard work of moving to a steady state, you can start with three power-packed yet fairly simple changes to your life to support the creation of the necessary baseline I mentioned in the opening paragraph of this article. These three powerful changes are:

  1. Eat better – commit to a ketogenic diet. In short, clean up your diet and eat the way you were designed to eat.
  2. Sleep more – for most adults, an average of 7 hours of sleep will significantly increase performance and a sense of well being.
  3. Gratitude – start and keep a daily gratitude journal. Remind yourself that there is much for which to be grateful.

These three simple things will facilitate your development of a baseline that will support the work that must be done in developing a new orbit free from the gravity of your shadows and in discovering your “sacred things”. Your unique and authentic purpose awaits your discovery and intention to serve through free will and powerful, decisive choices. Let’s get working.

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