The 48 Laws of Power, by Robert Greene, is a book I hesitate to add to the Required Reading list. But, I’ve succumbed to the idea that you must, at the very least, know what your enemy is studying (as copies of this book are being found in cell blocks with alarming frequency).

The 48 Laws of Power and the content therein, in the wrong hands, could cause a fair deal of pain and suffering for others. In the right hands, this book is a primer on how to understand, identify, and effectively deal with manipulation and deceit.

The book takes the reader on a journey through history, illustrating the hard lessons learned by those that have come before us. These laws have stood the test of time and are often linked to unchanging elements of human nature – greed, pride, a quest for power, love, raw ambition, and so on.

If you read this book, do so with the intent of understanding your enemy and avoiding those that would use these laws to hurt you.

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  1. Renzo

    I have always made a point of reading these types of books (e.g., Mein Kampf, Art of Seduction, 48 Laws.., 50th law, 33 strategies of war, On war, etc.) for the same exact reasons you are suggesting. But have always wonder if by being aware, one could unconsciously use them. I hope if so, at least it is done for the right reasons and the end is beneficial rather than destructive. Good point Chief!

  2. Snug

    Can you add a link to Amazon or other publisher where we can purchase? Thank you.